We are committed to ensuring that child care and school age programs encourage curriculum that challenges all the children developmentally. Our programs focus on fun-filled, action-packed curriculum. All planned curriculum is based on the children’s interests with a special focus on social and emotional development notwithstanding activities that promote fine and gross motor skills, language, personal awareness, creative problem solving and learning ability. We provide this through the following programs:

  •  Literacy & Numeracy
  •  Creative Arts
  •  Dramatic Play
  •  Block Play
  •  Science and Discovery
  •  Sensory Play including
    Sand & Water
  •  Outdoor Play
  •  Community Outings & Field Trips
  •  Music & Movement
  •  Computer
  •  Small & Large group activities
  •  French Circles

Parent Engagement for Child Care Families

HiMama Program

The "HiMama" program, which facilitates for online, daily, real-time updates on each child enrolled, has been implemented into our Child Care programs. Parents can access this information on line, at their convenience during the day, through a free mobile app or website, or they can review the information sent out via email. Parents will receive notes from staff and a daily report which includes information about the child's food intake, sleeping and toileting routines etc. as well as weekly photos of activities that their child is engaged in. Parents will have access to this information through the child's journal which also gives parents the opportunity to add photos and comments to their child's timeline.